Ow, my Blogger Creator is something different

I just realized that my blogger account creation tool is slightly different from other ones. 'Normal' software will create multiple blogs in one user account. Now that's not the best thing to do, let people complain about your blog(s) and they just have to remove your account. All your blogs will be gone! Now what my tool do is, creating one blog for one user. Now that's the real deal, if one blog (account) get's deleted the others are still there. Now here comes the problem, if you want to access your blog via GData API (for automatic posting) it will tell you that your mail is not verified. Of course, never followed the activation link Google sends. The solution is simple:

  • Register with a trash mail (such as discardmail.com)
  • Wait for activation mail, read out the activation link, of course via code
  • Follow that link (via cURL in PHP as example)
  • Happy automatic posting
Of course that took a lil longer to setup, but once it's done you got a killer blog farm, not depending on one user account.
I think tonight I register all 180 blogs, tomorow I will run the script for mail verification and start to fill the blogs. Wohoo.

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