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Hey, there is a new blog in town, please visit here:


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Sorry for not posting regularly, but I work my ass off to get my nice mothly income from the internet :) I just selled another project by me for ~1000$, so I got some cash to invest. Recently I've got hosting and domain names, now it's earning time. You will read about success and failure pretty soon here. Right now, I'got a rough income of 50$ without doing enything (except little coding and setup :)).

After a week "the Ocean" didn't make me rich.

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Of course not, I didn't expect that either. There are some dollars left over from pinging & trackbacks, but this didn't make the pig fat. Now the ocean is idling...

I did the wrong thinking.
Not totally wrong, I have 180 blogs with kinda good posts in it. That will count for future use. But thinking to slap adsense on each blog and hope people are clicking was wrong. Totally. I reading more and more about SEO, and that adsense thing only works if people are willed to click the ads. And the few that actually clicked, came from the pinging sites I guess.

Wrong equipment?
Maybe, maybe this didn't work out because I used the wrong equipment, and by that I mean my one computer at home.
The "fashion" blog do well, 1-2$ a day. The content is not better than in the "ocean" blogs, but the promotion of the blog. A cronjob is set up, wich ping every 10 minutes to multiple services. The "ocean" blogs get pinged very slowly from home. Imagine every blog get's pinged every 10 minutes (have to be from different IP's), the calculation is simple: 180blogs*1$*30days.
But nobody says that this will work out, so I don't put much in right now. Anyway, I have already an Idea how to do this with no costs: Free web space (180 different!) + 180 free cronjobs. Much work.

Still not useless!
Some blogs are already indexed, and much will follow I guess. Like 5ubliminal wrote "These sites are like wine. Aging them only gets them better." So I leave the "ocean" alone till I need them.

Currently my plan is this:

  1. Finish "Shameless Blogger Creator" (will be kick ass)
  2. Sell some copys, make some money
  3. Reinvest this in hosting and domains
  4. Set up some good keyword related websites
  5. Promote them Whitehat & Blackhat style, compare what works.
  6. Let you know about how things work out ;)
That's it, over and out.

Spam the Ocean

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So, two options: Promote each blog in "the Ocean" carefully OR stay shameless and going the easy way. Of course I know that this blogs will not run forever, so let's do some dirty tricks. Currently I spam some trackbacks related to keywords to blogs. Not to pump up the PR, of course there are nofollow attributes, but to get visitors on the blogs. I just promoted 3 blogs this way, and got a user rise from 40 to 150 (all in all!). It now takes 9 days to 'promote' (hehe) ocean blogs. Just let's see what happens.

Back in action

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I am back from my lil 4 day vacation. It's pretty kewl that you guys are interested how things are going on, so sorry for the delay.

Project "Ocean" have still to be promoted, what I will do in the next days. It's total useless to have 180 blogs that are not indexed.

Project "Fashion" is going ok, 0.50$ - 1$ a day, without doing anything. Only a pinging script is running every 10 minutes, via a cronjob.

Currently I re-code my blogger creation tool in order to sell it. The money I will reinvest for hosting and domains to get the real business started ;).