"Ocean" has now water, Blog Farm up!

Finally, the Blog Farm is now up, took a lil work even it was all automated. Here are the stats:

  • Total Blogs: 180
  • Total Posts: 4205
Not so bad for the first hit, huh? These are the features as well:
  • Only one blog per user (hard to remove the entire farm)
  • Each blog has backlinks to 20 other random blogs in the farm
  • Keywords are linked to clickbank hops
Now it's time to promote these blogs. I'm already pinging for like 20 hours. Next step is bookmarking, heard this is a promising technique. Therefor I also code my own tool, those "automated" tools out there aren't automated enough for me... I just like it my way. And maybe others do too, in the future I will sell several tools I developed for blackhat SEO usage. Stay tuned!

4 shameless Comments:

Anonymous said...

Hey, would like to know how this is going for you, I've got a few sites/blogs I run on the home server behind a static IP and it's been working well, but I'd like to try out a more 'shotgun' approach like you did. I've been playing in Linux for over 10 years so I know my way around the commandline, just curious as to 1) how the $ is going with the 180 blogs, and 2) what you did to get it up and running.

Since you don't have a sub-scribe feature for followup posts feel free to pm me on black*hatw0rld
(f ak 3r)

5ubliminal said...

Don't be too obvious in your interlinking. Avoid pagewides and such.
Also trow few external links too and get some deep links.

Keep me updated on how it works ... there's a lot of blogs there.


Shameless SEO said...

Thanks for the comments.
fak3r: I'll keep writing about how it's going. You could subscribe to the RSS feed.
5ubliminal: Yeah, I just read about interlinking PR0's isn't the smartest thing to do. I think i'll remove these links, and link keywords in posts (if they exist) to relevant other blogs.


adam said...

your project looks very interesting, subscribed to your feed to see the outcome! keep up the good work!