There is a wave coming, Codename: Ocean

Time to go a step forward. The last day's I read much about blackhat seo, and I found out about "blog farms". The principle is easy, have many many blogs with low/mid quality content, stuffed with ads. There are several solutions out for that, like "Blog Solution" or "Blogger Generator". I tested them out, but they didn't work for me, sure they did what they claim, but it doesnt fit my needs. If you want custom results you need custom tools, right? And after some hours I came up with my "Shameless Blogger Creation" Tool, and it works like a charm. Very automated, input is a .txt file with username, password, display title, blog name, blog url and path of template file. And that is generated via a PHP script wich get RSS feeds depended on a keyword. So for the first run I am going with ~200 keywords, 200 blogs a 25 posts, thats all in all 5000 posts. Did I already say I developed a program for automated posting too?! ;) I'm execited to see it running, should be tomorow night.

P.S.: The 30 minutes backlinks sucked ass so far, 50 visitors. But I test another method, called "pingRiot". A lil script developed by me, simple ping main ping services with the latest article url's of the fashion blog. -Every- 5 minutes ;) Cronjob ftw.

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